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I am very much respected, in both the professional and lifestyle community, as one of the UK’s best Transgendered Mistresses. I have been a Pro-domme now for over 20 years. When I first began all those years ago in Blackpool the internet was in its humble beginning then most adult contact was via contact magazines, phone boxes and shop window adverts. I even had my own PO Box. Hasn’t time changed? Twitter, Blogs, Iphones its all about Tech’ now.
Fetish Wear
I have a large fetish wardrobe, whatever your fantasy may be? Nurse, Head Mistress, Leather Clad Bitch I am fully equipped. My passion is latex, it’s like a second skin to me. I love nothing more than sliding into my latex catsuit and having a slave fully worship every inch of my rubber clad body.
Playing with me
I would consider myself the full package and very experienced, but most of all very caring and understanding, for those of you who choose to step out of the cyber world and visit me for real.
My sessions don’t have to be overly dominant either.
II love all kinds of play such as “Tie and Tease” I get great joy in getting you hard and excited and making you frustrated. Knowing you can’t touch me. Then when I am will be ready I will use you like my sex toy. I get asked for all kinds of fantasies and I love roll play sessions such as Head Mistress, Governess, Naughty Nurse, Leather Clad bitch I can be very gentle or extreme and very firm.
What do I enjoy
For me a session is about connecting with a person in an intermit way, I very much enjoy wearing full latex. Then been fully pleasured with a full on body & oral worship, licking sucking and stroking every inch of my latex clad body. I also enjoy giving and receiving anal and oral, deep anal fingering both ways, insertation of dildo’s, vibes and plugs, E-STIMS electrics on my nipples, wearing gasmasks and re-breather systems with poppers. Forced bi- is another favourite of mine, I love nothing more than having a slave with his hands tied behind their back and forcing them to suck my weapon. In my sessions I am more than happy to switch or play on a mutual level. I can also take a good hand spanking – as I love to get my own endorphins rushing too.
To give you a good idea about my sessions have a look at my galleries, read my blogs and visit my member’s area which is based around my old website.
Fetish kinks
There is not much I am not willing to try. Share with me your, deep desires; I am sure we will both enjoy experiencing them together.
I have a massive collection of toys as you will see in my galleries. One of my favourite toys is my VACBED. I love nothing more than trapping you inside my VACBED, teasing you before riding your hard cock deep inside me! I also enjoy the cane they don’t call me Mistress Sarah Kane for nothing you know. I am very experienced with the cane as well as a firm spanker.
YOU! – My play toys
I only seek genuine players, it does not matter if you are experienced or not as all I ask is that you open up to me completely, share your fantasies, dreams and desires with me and allow me to enter your mind, and make your kinky dreams come true! I am more than happy to play with females and couples. If you are a couple I must also speak to your partner before you book.
Lifestyle (Not just for the money)
For me fetish is a lifestyle choice and not just my Profession. I am very lucky to be in a great relationship with Mistress Buffy Brown, we both enjoy our lifestyle choice very much.
A lot of Mistresses do domination as a profession, just to make money and go back to my vanilla lifestyles as soon as they leave the dungeon. This is far from the truth, for me its apart of me, which I cannot live without! I soon get depressed if I don’t have my weekly hit of latex. I attend events all over the country as well as private parties. I often invite a small number of loyal slaves to join me.
You can find more information about attending an event with me, on my LIFESTYLE page. A lot of these events, my partner Mistress Brown joins me she may also have a few slaves with her.
Ball is in your court
I am very sure you will enjoy looking a round my site. Please feel free to contact me & don’t be afraid to ask me anything, I am sure I won’t be offended in any way.
I know for many it’s a big step moving from cyber world to the real world. Or you may of been visiting female dommes for many years and are now, looking for something different to add more spice to your sessions. LIFE IS FOR LIVING, SO ENJOY IT TO THE MAX WITH NO REGRETS!!!!
I promise that I will take good care of you on your journey into my kinky world, all I ask is from you is the same. I very sure you will enjoy looking around my website; the ball is now in your court to arrange a meeting with me.
Sarah Kane..xxx


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