Mistresses London – London Mistress Commander Sophie

There is literally no perversion I am not interested in. You may have a kink that the world has never heard of. With the utmost effort I will realise equipment, scenes and outfits. I am very good in making suggestions that help you find your interests. After I have played with you for the first time I will need around a week to develop a real idea.
I do not offer sexual services !
I am a professional, I offer any kind of session. But I don’t do roman showers, fainting and public play. Going out for dinner or coffee is a privilege, that you have to earn. If you want to get to know me beforehand, I can offer a half hour “trailer-session” where we stay on the level of nomal language and try out a couple of things without going into depth. I only do that for the very first time and the price is £90.
The BDSM-labels connote a script to reel off. I am going to play a script tailored only to torture you.


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