Manchester/London Mistress – Princess Cheryl


I am a lifestyle domme, I do not play at this, I live it and love it. Do not for one minute be misled by my arresting beauty, I am a natural sadist with a most savage streak. I do not need to dress head to toe in latex or leather, nor scream and shout at my slaves to harvest obedience. Complete dominance, authority and control is in my natural makeup and I have been bending, manipulating and shaping the minds of my inferiors to my advantage since as far back as I can remember.
Nothing pleases me more than having complete control. By exercising my brutal sadism on my slaves, pushing their limits and boundaries and taking them further than they ever thought possible through pain and suffering makes me genuinely happy. Breaking my slaves and destroying the most hardened of masochists is both my entitlement and my passion. No matter how obedient and well behaved you are, you will suffer horribly to quench my lust for your torment and misery. Begging for mercy falls on deaf ears, I will have my pleasure and you will thank me for it with tears in your eyes as you bow down in front of me.
From the very moment you embark on your journey with me, your life will never be the same. To crawl into my presence and behold my splendour, is all that is required from you, from that instant I will have already taken custody of everything you are. You will happily give all of this to me without daring to think and I will not need to do anything other than be there with you to take it.
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