Mistress Domatella. London Domme.

Femdom Medical Sessions. Dr & Nurse Roleplay. Sounds. Probes. Electrics.


Femdom medical sessions. Central London.



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Francesca Harding. Dominatrix. London.

Spanking, Caning, Bondage, Punishment, Pain & Humiliation Domme.

London. Kings Cross.


Francesca Harding. London Mistress. Kings Cross.



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London Mistress Pip and Lady Carla Kidnap Specialists


Mistress Pip (www.mistress-pip.co.uk) and Lady Carla (www.lady-carla.co.uk) would like to invite you to their new website dedicated to providing the finest kidnap scenarios in the UK.

With over 10 years of experience in BDSM and kidnaps the London Kidnap Mistresses (www.kidnapmistresses.co.uk) are the professionals to talk to about arranging your very own personalised, consensual kidnap experience.

Wet your appetite by watching the thrilling and sexy kidnap promo video on the kidnap homepage starring talented kidnappers in action. Read some of the different scenarios to inspire you and to verify your need to be kidnapped by the most beautiful and strong dominatrixes in London.

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Canary Wharf Mistress Izabel

London-Mistress-Izabel London Mistress Izabel BDSM, Fetish, Female Domination in the heart of Canary Wharf, London http://londonmistressizabel.com/
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London Mistress Alexandra


I am Mistress Alexandra a professional London Dominatrix. I am a strict, sensual and a sadistic Domme. I am very well known and have over 15 years of experience which is a guarantee that I will cater for your desire with ease.


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London Mistress – Countess Steel


You have arrived. Feel lucky… Enter my world of BDSM.
I am a Stunningly Sexy Mistress available to the subservient male who wishes to serve and worship at the foot and command of a beautiful English Mistress. You will be grateful to simply breathe the air that I breathe, to be in my presence alone is an honour for you. I demand you listen and follow my instructions perfectly – do not annoy me by any means or you will forfeit the chance to worship me.

Your limits will be respected but I will decide HOW I dominate you. I am not the run of the mill Mistress making it up as I go along. Not only did I spend my formative years as a school teacher in an all boys school but I have a masters in Clinical Psychology. I am an elegant Mistress with a quintessential english accent, diminutive in stature, long blonde hair and an austere sapphire gaze. When you meet me do not be fooled by my innocent demeanour and pretty face because I have the ability to see into your soul and instil fear into your submissive mind.

As a dedicated Mistress within the world of BDSM, I will take into consideration your predilections and previous experience under the hands of inferior Mistresses but remember you are serving ME now! I decide which role I will play and what tools to punish you with. Not only, will I play with your mind and seduce your soul with my beauty and intellect but you will feel the force of my feminine power, you will weaken before me. Perhaps my lithe form will be encased in exquisite silk lingerie and stockings to tease and torment you further.

To be granted an audience with me I expect no less than either a reference from your last Mistress or a cash deposit to hold and secure the session. You are expected to be prompt and let me know in good time if you cannot make the session. Deposits are non refundable. Do not think you are indispensable and that your previous Mistress will be upset that you are changing allegiances, she will not. You may politely email me with an initial enquiry with a brief description of your interests and limits. I take calls between 10am-5pm on 07887 817740 but I will NOT enter into lengthy discussions about sessions over the phone.

Should you be lucky enough to find that I am available for a same day booking, I require confirmation before 12 noon including a deposit and / or a reference. Sessions are conducted either in a domestic setting or a dungeon within the west end. I do not offer sexual services, I am a Professional Dominatrix unattainable to you and will never be within your grasp. I am to be adored and worshipped but never owned.

Enquire: CountessSteel@yahoo.co.uk


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Mistress Sadie Of London – Dish Of The Day

Saying that, I simply cannot choose but one…


















Nurse or…


City Bitch? …or is that a Merciless Hitwoman?















Roleplay IS my forte!

With only 19 days and counting until I hang up my implements of torture and pleasure, I hope to see you soon, at my feet, in your place, where you know you belong.

See my site for details on how to book a session with your’s cruelly


Email: mssadiest@gmail.com

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London Mistress – Sadie Strumpet

Sadie Strumpet Throne


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Covent Garden Mistresses – Deviant Eve


Submissive and Dominatrix Services   in Luxury Central London Premises


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Black London Mistresses – Goddess Dionne




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