Nanny Luna’s ABDL London Nursery

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Professor Domatella’s Kinky Research

Medical-Play-Venus-2000-Mlking-Kings-Cross-LondonProfessor Domatella (London Mistress) demands your samples for Kinky research. Kinky guinea pigs love My Venus 2000 Milking Machine, Kings Cross Kinky Clinic. I have several sizes of penis pump attachments Are you a ‘show er’ or a ‘grow er’? Visit Mistress Domatella, London’s premium Dominatrix for light medical play in My fully equipped London medical room Kings Cross London. Call 07904 805806 to submit your member for testing and milking


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Mistress Sultrybelle of Glasgow is offering strict canings in London! (April 23rd-25th).

046-20120413_fsBelle Publicity Photos - 01.04.14-0006

Mistress Sultrybelle will be in London from April 23rd-25th, she will be offering strict canings ranging from 15 minute short sharp shocks to 90 minute intense beatings. These canings will take place in a domestic setting in North London. She is happy to cane with or without a safe word and prefers to cane from cold but can warm you up if you so require. She will be bringing her junior dragon/Senior Dragon/Senior Tohiti as well as many CP implements and restraints etc. If you would like to be considered for a session with Mistress Sultrybelle during her London trip then respectfully get in touch via her websites.

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The pleasures of BDSM…

Foot Worship. I’m a glutton for being adored and having my feet (bare or stockinged) worshiped (kissed, stroked, massaged) makes me purr like a cat. The pleasures of being a Mistress are so many.


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ready to punish.

In my dungeon. Kings Cross. London.



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Norfolk/London Mistress Von Medisin

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London Mistresses – Mistress Domatella


My BDSM and fetish sessions are private and discreet, and like the people who come to see me, I too can escape for a few hours and fantasy play.
In My chambers at Kings Cross St Pancras, I specialise in all types of Mistress play. I am an experienced medical Mistress with a clean and fully equipped London medical room. In My dungeon I administer spanking and caning to naughty boys, foot, leg and boot worship, bondage and up to five way suspension for those who just want to hang around!
My specialities include leg and foot worship, corporal punishment (cat o nine tails, dragon cane, tause, belts, crops), cock and ball torture, tickle torture, nipple torture, wax, electrics, interrogation scenarios, bondage and suspension, medical play, enemas, anal examinations, sounds, roleplay, tie & tease, water sports, enforced fitness, dildo and strap on, forced bi, Venus 2000 milking machine and much more.
If you have a fetish for leather, rubber (latex), uniforms, corsets, lycra, satin, lace, silk and stockings (fully fashioned and more) I have three wardrobes full!
I am the London Mistress to realise your fetish and BDSM fantasies.
I am Mistress Domatella. That’s M for Mistress. Not N for nice.
079 0480 5806

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Mistress Sultrybelle of Glasgow/Edinburgh.

Belle Publicity Photos - 01.04.14-0051edited

Mistress Sultrybelle is an elite, skilled and experienced Mistress who especially enjoys caning/Corporal punishment, bondage/rope bondage, stocking fetish, humiliation and CBT. To enquire about serving her in Glasgow/London/Belfast/Edinburgh please respectfully get in touch via her website.


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Mistress Carly London W1/Ashford, Kent


I am MISTRESS CARLY – I love to use My slaves for My own personal pleasure and amusement. I am one of England’s most beautiful and sophisticated Dominant Mistresses – but then of course you have already deduced that from my photograph!
I am generally available in Ashford, Kent (M20/J10) and also on selected dates each month at superbly equipped spacious private chambers in London (W1) just off Tottenham Court Road – one minute from Warren Street tube station.
Being naturally Dominant, I very much enjoy meeting with gentlemen who wish to experience sensual and sexual Domination at the expert hands of a highly experienced and stunningly beautiful Goddess.
I particularly enjoy ‘Queening’ (face-sitting) and value servants with an energetic & skilled tongue to pleasure Me. I also enjoy `Milking` My slaves and have various suction devices that I enjoy putting to good use in order to do extract large loads. I particularly appreciate slaves who are able to provide copious amounts of `cream` for Me and I may well order you to abstain from ejaculation for a period prior to an audience with me so that I can be assured of a very heavy load!
If you would like to experience the honour of serving beneath Me then you may apply to serve Me in My fully-equipped fantasy chamber. However, you should be aware that I accept only the very highest standards of devotion and obedience and should you fail to please Me in any way, you will of course expect to receive suitable punishment (within pre-set limits).
My playroom is fully-equipped with a wide range of restraint & correction apparatus including a free-standing St Andrew’s Cross, custom-built bondage chair and a solid steel locking restraint cage. I am experienced in all aspects of restraint & correction techniques and enjoy tailoring each session to my servants’ particular skills. So, I am able to offer everything from gentle ‘tie & tease’ scenarios to full-on heavy bondage & strict punishment sessions.
I have an extensive wardrobe of skin-tight leather, PVC & latex fetish-wear in which I like to adorn My firm, lithe 36D-25-36″ body, along with a large collection of spike-heeled stilettos & thigh-boots to accentuate my long, slim legs. I also have classy lingerie and several strap-ons which I enjoy putting to good use!
I am happy to consider both novice and experienced trainees and will look forward to receiving your humble application to worship at the temple of My sex. You will exist solely for, and your goal will be, My own personal pleasure and satisfaction!
Cum enter My world and surrender yourself into the exquisite servitude of Mistress Carly!

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Mistresses London – Mistress Jezabel


Those that have served Me all agree that I am scary but at the same time a hell of a lot of fun and incredibly sexy – the perfect Mistress whose style is one of sensual sadism.
In O/our sessions we will go to the edge of your limits and try to stretch them as far as they go at a pace that is suitable for you. I will always respect Your limits, but I will take pleasure in toying with Your mind and body leaving You uncertain about what exactly is going to happen to You next. Your fear will heighten the pleasure for U/us both and make you a better slave.
If you have read My other pages carefully – and you should read this website very carefully if you want to survive and please Me – then You will know already that nothing gives Me more pleasure than inflicting pain and humiliation on a totally compliant submissive.
I adore using needles on submissives or dousing them with My champagne in watersports, and for those who can take it Mistress gets very excited over giving Her slave a good fisting. I love having My slaves completely at My mercy with tie and tease fun, and My control over you can be intoxicating with orgasm denial.
But these are just tasters of what I would do to you, I indulge in a wide range of activities. I may look mean but I also have a very sensual and erotic side to my personality. My style is playful, I get a thrill from the agony as you wait for whatever punishment I am going to give you and then the agony when you receive it! I like to take My time and I want slaves who take out whatever punishment I see fit.
I do not have many limits so email me to find out if your interests are pleasing to me, however if I say NO then that is My final answer so don’t keep pestering Me for the same activity.

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