London Mistress Allure


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Los Angeles Asian Dominatrix in London June 15th to July 15th


Los Angeles Asian Dominatrix × Professional Bad Bitch × × 1.800.863.5478 ext:10251003 ×

Los Angeles
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London Mistress Goddess Cleo using her strapon on one of her slaves


AlphaFemme Sensual-Seductive-Sadistic 07740972449-TEXT

London, UK (+International)
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London Spanking – Mistress Dominica de Sin


I was brought up in a family where domestic punishment was a way of life, So, I know first-hand the therapeutic values a hard spanking or caning can have on you.Hands up all you men out there who have craved, and longed for a hard spanking over a beautiful, and powerful woman’s intimidating lap, with her legs encased in rich fashionable nylon.

If you like being spanked over a woman’s knee, I am the lady for you.I am very much aware of the erotic benefits that a good hard spanking can achieve!  Spanking is an art form in itself, and requires skill, practice, patience, and power. And I am a master at it!

Receiving a spanking over the knee, from a beautiful woman such as me, induces chemical changes in the brain rushing from nerve centres to release endorphins into the body. The feeling of lying face down across my lap I guarantee will be a fantastic and exhilarating experience for you!

As you lay across my intimidating nylon clad thighs having your naughty bottom spanked, you will be overwhelmed by the intoxicating odour of leather heels, fully fashioned black seamed stockings. How will you handle this moment you have craved for such a long time, as your head starts to swim with the aroma as my Shanghai Lily perfume fills your nostrils, with lust and desire, as your head trails the floor you incessantly glare in shameless admiration at my sexy high heels and strong powerful legs.

The hem of my skirt falls away from the seat of the chair to reveal my black stocking tops, as I spank your naughty bottom harder, and harder!  You’re so excited by the site of my eye candy your bottom rises up to meet its impending tormentor as I pound your bare ass without mercy, with my powerful right hand. Umm!! How soon can you book!!


Professional London .Central European assertive Lady offering and services. +447572 707373

London, England
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Canary Wharf Mistresses – London Mistress Izabel


I am a beautiful Latin mistress , with great culture and sense of humor. I’m a sexy, passionate, open minded with black hair, lightly tanned skin. I am 5″6′, size 10-12 dress and 36BB natural firm breast. Profile and pictures 100% genuine. I do not cross the oceans to come here to waste my time.

I am a serious and polite Mistress, but this doesn’t mean good heart, not on my work. You will book by curiosity but for sure you will be back many times, i want see you beg my mercy no mercy no way. I want take of from your dirty mind your deep desire and make true! We will talk about your fantasy and I will make it real!

Contact me and welcome to the jungle, all yours previous experience will be a simple smoke in your memory. Mistress Isabel arrived to make history. My ad is for solvent men in pursuit of pleasure, great horny fun. I’m able to hold an intelligent conversation and speak a good level of English.

I run four times a week for 45 minutes, Im a healthy and passionate for the life. If you have fantasies, fetishes dark secrets, let’s discuss and realize them… I have a very open mind and wild imagination.

I’m located in Canary Wharf/ South Quay contemporary style apartment private place
I am available most days from early morning (8 am) to midnight)

+44 7900 603 397

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London Mistress Allure


London Mistress Allure

Central London Mistress/Dominatrix

Do you quiver at the thought of a gorgeous, tall, leggy sophisticated woman controlling you, mocking you?

Do you fantasise about being teased and tormented by a sultry, green eyed seductive, yet merciless Goddess?

Do you want to know what it feels like to be kneeling, waiting in anticipation to give up your control to the Ultimate Domina?

Then look no further…….. I am the Mistress you want to worship, obey and suffer for.

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London Mistresses – Mistress Morana


KINKY, WILD, CREATIVELY PLAYFUL, and FULL of  FEMININE ARMOR ,- best ways to describe MORANA. SHE plays with no safe word , but safely.  SHE is the one who will take you to the very edge of your being. Domination for HER is the way of expressing herself creatively, so be prepared to leave your box and walk the path that has never been walked before. HER sessions are energetic, lively, and loaded with a good sense of humor.

“EVERYONE CARRIES A SHADOW, AND THE LESS IT IS EMBODIED IN THE INDIVIDUAL’S CONSCIOUS LIFE, THE BLACKER AND DENSER IT GETS”,- Jung wrote. MORANA is a good psychologist and a mentor who will direct you onto the path of realizing your submissive self. JUST LET YOURSELF GO!!

SHE believes pain to be form of therapy and takes great pleasure in hard impact play. Nonetheless, lighter sessions are also possible – she is a master in Japanese bondage, and , of course, SHE loves to be worshipped and adored!! HER sessions carry a meaningful sense of energy exchange, based on mutual understanding of each other’s needs and “shadow” desires.

HER favorite  play spaces are : The Serpent Rooms , The Bunker, & The Blue Door Dungeon .

MORANA does not accept same day bookings. Outcalls are possible if arranged in advance.

SHE also travels internationally.

Please note that HER Art of Domination does not involve or include any sexual acts between HER and HER slave in possession.

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Ball Busting & Sissy Training – London Mistress Dominica de Sin


Ball busting is one of my favourite things I just love causing excruciating pain to your  manhood  I derive so much pleasure from wearing my favourite heels or boots restraining you to my ceiling rope, leaving you exposed, defenceless, and vulnerable as I destroy your worthless balls with my sexy size 7 heels.

Maybe you’re brave enough to face me with your hands by your side. Can you imagine the power I feel when I can so easily have you drop to the floor in great agony with just one lick from my sexy boot? I also find it amusing to see you squirming and groaning while holding your ball sack from such a minor blow.

Or would you like me to bend you over and stand behind you so you can never see the blow coming.  You may become erect at the very thought of me having the power to destroy your testicles. My fascination in ball busting is my interest in the weakness in the male manhood, and I like to experience the feeling of power I have over you to smash your balls to pulp!

Sissy training.

For sissy play I have a cosy little candle lit ‘Boudoir’ setting where you can enjoy a facial, makeover, and enjoy a sissy transformation. Mistress Dominica is very dominant and strict when it comes to sissy training, and I go to great lengths in sissy training girls, to be the best sissy sluts they can possibly be. I have a sensible and realistic approach for a basic sissy training and behaviour modification program, which includes, worship & submission, punishment & discipline, servitude assignments beauty secrets, and domestic duties. I have the perfect place where you can relax and become the female you have always wanted to be. So pay me a visit, and I will make the perfect Sissy slut out of you.

Professional London .Central European assertive Lady offering and services. +447572 707373

London, England
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Mistress Domatella.

Mistress Domatella. Central London Femdom Sessions. Kings Cross.



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London Mistresses – Goddess Dionne – European Tour details…


BBW ebony Superior international Goddess seeks financial slaves and friends

CityLondon/New York
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London Mistress Josephine


I am Mistress Josephine, a powerful and sensual London Dominatrix, and a divine experience. I am a well established London Mistress and well known traditional London based English Dominatrix who does not take no for an answer. This London Dominatrix knows she wants and how to get it. I will get into your mind, your soul and your fantasies. You will find serving this London Mistress with her natural bob haircut comes naturally.

This London Mistress will lead you through your dreams until they out-weigh your expectations. Do not ever try to second guess me.

This Top London Dominatrix welcomes novices as well as the experienced. I will have a full consultation with you before the session, where I will spend the time getting into your mind and understanding your needs. This London Mistress does not follow a routine, each session is always unique and individual. I find the connection between us to be of the highest importance.

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